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What exactly is The Kilworth Challenge?

The Kilworth Challenge is a charity competition team event run over
two days in and around North Kilworth, Leicestershire. Similar events
run by many companies are aimed at team building.

This event is for the fun and enjoyment of the competitors whilst
raising money to support organisations whose main aims are to
provide outdoor activities for those who through disability or other
ways are less fortunate. Some of the money raised also supports
many other local organisations.

All Challenges are graded in difficulty and awarded a rating of 1-4
with Sponsorship being the most important. The winning team of
a challenge rated 2 would receive 72 points, second place 70
points, third 68 etc. The overall winning team of The Kilworth
Challenge is the team with most points after all events are
completed. Additional prizes for most sponsorship, over 40’s team
winners, women team winners, etc., are also awarded.
All teams receive tee shirts, certificates and results of the event.

Who can take part in The Kilworth Challenge?

Competitors in the Kilworth Challenge must be at least 18 years old.
Teams must consist of 4 friends or colleagues. Male, all-female and
mixed teams are all acceptable. Competitors need to be reasonably
fit as the long walk and physically demanding challenges can be

Where did the idea come from?

Back in 1989, some of the present Kilworth Challenge organisers took
part in an event in Teeside in the northeast, which had been set up by
ICI or some of its employees. Based on team building and tasks the
event was enjoyable whilst somewhat disorganised. Once back in
Kilworth it was decided that we could do better and in 1990, the first
Kilworth Challenge was organised.

The event was given extra stimulus to raise cash to build an all-
weather sport pitch. Each year our aim is to improve on the last. The
Kilworth Challenge is very fortunate to benefit from a very helpful
community who provide us with superb marshals and generous
landowners who let us make use of their fields, lakes and woods.

Who organises The Kilworth Challenge?

The charity is run by Colin Clarke, Mike Lawrence, Paul Whitehead,
Manfred Morris, Chris Mitchell, Bruce Phillips & Mick Faulkner.

Charity No. 1128074

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